We believe in better financial management and security for all.

Independent and dedicated to simplifying your management, our team earns the trust of accomplished individuals and companies through its unparalleled listening and proactivity.

Our approach

Our approach

For more than 10 years, we have been helping our clients realize their projects and resolve their personal and business issues. The team offers an innovative approach and sound guidance to simplify the decisions in the field of insurance, risk management and financial security.

Our mission

Our mission

To protect the assets and secure the future of growing businesses and entrepreneurs.

For business owners and growing organizations seeking to balance, secure and grow their assets, Consilium offers the guidance and solutions needed to make it happen.


A complete support

Our methodology begins with an assessment of the current situation and the definition of short and long term objectives. Then, together, we develop an action plan that precisely addresses the parameters we envision to implement our solutions. With our collaborative approach and the support of our team, our clients have the insight and the clarity needed to seize the opportunities and manage the uncertainties.


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