Our Method

Our approach

Consilium uses portfolio managers who have a global network of research specialists and investment innovators. This allows us to make recommendations that meet your objectives and risk tolerance.


Managing investments, especially in volatile markets, requires the expertise and good judgment of a trained professional. The broad range of portfolio options allows for the pursuit of investment opportunities that are diversified not only across asset classes such as stocks, bonds and real estate, but also with respect to geographic allocation, market capitalization, industry sector and investment style.
All investments are continuously monitored and evaluated by Consilium to ensure strategic direction and consistent returns.


Our Support

Tax and estate planning

High net worth families face complex and unique challenges. Managing them requires an integrated approach designed specifically for you and your family.

Your personal finance manager

Acting as your family's investment manager, our professionals provide wealth management advisory services to guide the coordination and management of your family's financial assets.

Dynamic family management

With great wealth comes great responsibility: to the community, to family members and to future generations. Developing clear governance structures promotes harmony within the family and ultimately, intergenerational success.

Tax planning, simplified and detailed reports

The integration of tax strategies and structures is essential for all high net worth families. Inadequate tax planning can have serious consequences.

Insurance and family security

Life insurance can be an important investment strategy for families seeking sources of cash flow at death or to meet philanthropic goals. We can help you evaluate whether or not life insurance can help you achieve these goals.


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